Empowering the mental

well-being of parents in ​the workplace.

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our mission is to...

empower working parents with a tailored ​solution to help with their mental wellbeing by ​addressing and resolving child-related sleep ​issues.

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Because when little ones are well-rested, it’s ​high fives all around for parents, making their ​mental health a whole lot brighter, alongside ​fostering a more balanced and fulfilling work-​life experience.

did you know?

The Human Rights Framework acknowledges sleep deprivation as a form of torture, given its harmful impact on a person's ​health. On average, parents get 59% less sleep than the recommended eight hours during the initial six years of their child's life. ​Consequently, many of your employees might be enduring serious sleep deprivation before starting their workday.

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of employees have worked a full day ​despite having less than 3 hours sleep ​because of their child’s sleeping habits.

Feeling tired.


of employers failed to provide sufficient ​support to employees upon their return ​to work following paternal leave.

Motherhood Exhaustion. Tired mom breastfeeding baby and working on laptop at home


of employees said it would beneficial for ​companies to provide parental benefits ​specifically aimed at addressing their ​children’s sleep.

Independent Research: Parental Wellbeing in the workplace - 150 Respondants

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Happy Sleepy People is a B2B2C offering focusing on parental wellness within the ​workplace.

Parenting while keeping up with the work hustle? It's like running a marathon with ​hurdles made of bedtime battles, right? We're expected to be these amazing ​superheroes who can do it all. Truth is, we can’t and our mental health suffers for that.

That's where Happy Sleepy People comes in—a brainchild born from real mental ​health struggles, especially those sleep-deprived days of new parenthood and juggling ​work and children.

Our aim is to change the narrative and support as many working parents as possible ​with child sleep related issues of all ages.

The result? Predictability and control struts back in, employees find their rhythm, and ​suddenly, life feels more... well, life! Imagine seamlessly getting back into the work ​groove while your home is filled with blissfully sleepy and content people. As for the ​workplace, it means having valued employees who are more inclined to return after ​parental leave, all while building a company reputation that screams genuine care for ​their well-being. Now, that's a winning combo!

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I'm Natasha—a mum of two with over a decade of experience working in the corporate ​world.

I noticed a big gap —parents in the workplace just aren't getting the backup they ​need. There are many aspects to this but my focus is on those sleep-deprived parents ​at their workplace expected to perform at work and those on parental leave really ​wanting to enjoy that leave but unable to because they don’t have the guidance or ​support and are struggling with the sleep deprivation.

I get it – routines are not everyone's cup of tea. But you know what? Embracing ​routines totally transformed my parenting game! The tricky part was finding ​accessible information to help without it being super expensive. I rewrote my story, ​became a qualified sleep consultant, and now with workplaces as my sidekicks, I ​want to change that tune and help as many parents as possible! Let's make it ​accessible for everyone. Your employees deserve that extra support, knowing their ​employer's got their back.

It’s time to change the narrative that parents are forgotten about in workplaces and ​make a small difference with huge impact.

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Mental Wellbeing of Employees

Lack of concentration, no productivity and ​headaches were noted as key ways lack of sleep ​impacted working parents. 35% of participants ​had even taken a day off due to lack of sleep - ​something to think about.

Adequate sleep can boost focus, creativity, and ​problem-solving skills. Plus, it's a mood ​magician—it helps keep stress and irritability at ​bay, fostering happier people resulting in a ​brilliant workplace vibe.

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85% of participants said enhanced benefits ​would influence their decision to stay or ​join a company. Well-rested employees are ​happier in their roles, more engaged with ​their work, and those on parental leave will ​generally feel more loyal to the company ​that values their wellbeing.

Offering sleep support sends a strong ​message to employees that their mental ​health matters.

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Companies that support parents in ​navigating sleep challenges create a ​family-friendly image. This showcases a ​culture that understands and respects the ​demands of parenthood, attracting talent ​who value this kind of supportive ​environment.

94% of participants would like to see more ​done for parents in the workplace. This ​positive word of mouth can spread easilty ​enhancing the company's image.

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The list is endless but here are some key reasons why this is not only ​good for your employees wellbeing but also for their families.

Number 1

You won't believe the magic of ​sleep! When little one dozes off, ​their body does this awesome ​thing—it releases growth ​hormones that are fuel for both ​body and brain! And guess what? ​It’s not just about growing big and ​smart; sleep also gears up their ​superhero immune system and ​aids quicker recovery.

Healthy Development

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Number 2

You wouldn’t think it, but sleep is a ​secret power-up for the brain! It’s ​like a magical memory booster. ​Babies need their snooze time for ​their brains to soak up and stash ​all that cool new info they’re taking ​in.

Brain Development

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Number 3

Routines are a secret sauce for ​your little one’s emotions! When ​sleep takes a nosedive, emotions ​go on a rollercoaster ride. Hello, ​irritability! Hello, fussiness! So, a ​good snooze? That’s the golden ​ticket to a happier, calmer baby!


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Happy Sleepy People offers a variety of confidential services to your employees, specifically designed to address sleep issues ​related to children that may be affecting their workday productivity levels.

We offer different packages to customise the requirements of your business, ensuring utmost flexibility to meet the needs of your ​employees. Whether you prefer a pay-as-you-go service for employees to access help as required, a comprehensive package option ​for full business engagement in the programme, or workshops catering to larger groups simultaneously, we have tailored, fully-​managed solutions to suit your business requirements.


Troubleshooting calls

Chance for employees to discuss issues

Personalised action plan tailored ​specifically to your needs.

Extras: Extended calls, whatsapp ​support throughout, follow up ​session


Workshops available for all stages ​including pre-paternal leave, on ​paternal leave, return to work.

+ Good for larger groups

+ Opportunity for partners of employee ​to join


Monetary vouchers which can be ​utilised on services valid for 12 months ​and redeemed on a full service.

The perfect gift for those going on ​parental leave.

Please be aware that my advice will be in accordance with the Safe Sleep Guidelines for reducing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

For more information please visit www.lullabytrust.org.uk

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Client Love

Speech Bubble Illustration
Speech Bubble Illustration

Natasha has totally transformed ​my motherhood. I was so ​nervous about the lack of sleep I ​kept hearing about but with her ​help I created great sleep habits ​from birth. I was educated on ​this which resulted in a baby who ​slept through at 6 weeks and has ​a great association with sleeping!

Where do I start? I was in such a bad ​place with my 4 month old, I was very ​sleep deprived and Natasha changed ​all of that. She explained things to me ​I had never heard such simple ​changes that led to me having a ​totally different experience of naps ​and sleep. I feel so much happier as ​i’m sleeping better! THANK YOU !!!!!!!

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Happy Sleepy People changed our life ​and i’m not exaggerating. We really ​struggled with exhaustion and lack of ​sleep which hit a breaking point when our ​daughter was waking up every hour. In ​just a few days we had a baby sleeping ​through the night. The constant support ​we received kept us going, we can’t thank ​you for enough for giving us our wellbeing ​back.

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The only way I could get my baby to ​sleep was to rock her or for her to nap ​on me. I was losing my mind and so ​much sleep, arguing alot with my ​husband as we were both just so tired. ​After 2 days we had our baby sleeping ​7pm - 7am. I still can’t believe it. I ​couldn’t of done any of this without ​Natasha, her encouragement helped me ​so much.

A miracle worker!!!


Have enquiries or seeking more information?

Please don't hesitate to reach out, I would love to ​hear from you and make change for parents in the ​workplace.

Let's start the conversation and create as many

Happy Sleepy People as we can.


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